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Hello world!

I'm Hauke Rolf.
Freelance Senior Software Engineer

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Looking for an extra developer for your project? Looking for new perspectives on your development process? Or just to temporarily fill a position?

Look no further. I'm a freelance senior software developer happy to jump into exciting projects.

Drop me a message and we'll see what we can accomplish together.

Products is an api aimed to provide comments to a jamstack website/blog. The API is simple to integrate and bloat free.


I'm a senior software engineer with a passion for creative problem solving. Striking the optimal balance between various aspects like usability, maintainability, security. Always looking to expand my broad set of knowledge.

With 10+ years of experience across various platforms, orders of scale and technologies. From html/css/js to Java/Kotlin to C# .NET to Golang and an interest in UX/UI design.


Want to work together? Feel free to connect on linkedin or drop me a message below.